• Dutch artist creates pictures from scrap painted pieces of wood

  • alfa-giulietta-lead.jpg
    Artists have their own ways with recycling. We’ve seen some pretty astounding artifacts made from recycled stuff before, including a Mona Lisa made from trash. Dutch artist Diedrich Kraaijeveld too thinks of a scrap-yard as a treasure chest for inspiration and material to create his art. Before beginning his work, Kraaijeveld sets out on scavenger hunts for wood pieces of the same shade and uses these painted pieces of scrap wood to create masterpieces that replicate photographs including this Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

    Kraaijeveld spends most of his vacation time in Holland and around the world looking for wood pieces with which he creates these beautiful aesthetically-numbing pictures. Recycling does seem to have a bunch of applications after all!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on May 23, 2011