• Dining room set made from recycled pieces of broken glass

  • Dining-room-set-1.jpg
    Not too many of us keep broken glass objects lying around for too long, since the hidden aichmophobia in us usually leads us to tossing out these objects. Every day, millions of broken glass bottles land up in the trash, a not-so-environment-friendly incidence. Designer and artist Mark Reigelman II however decided to give these broken shards of glass a new lease to life, putting together pieces of broken bottles to cook up a whole range of furniture designs. And no, sitting on any of these isn’t going to leave your backside bleeding. The Brooklyn based artist had these pieces tumbled to remove all those jagged endings and using 20 gallons of epoxy resin put together everyday objects ranging from a dining room set to a book!

    Given the effort put into these, the price tag seems to pretty much fit in, with the dining room set costing about $9,250. And if you’ve been dreaming up glass furniture for yourself, we suggest you set off on a scavenger hunt for broken glass bottles right away!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on July 6, 2011