• Dinamica Shoes made of recycled plastic walk away from animal cruelty

  • Dinamica-Shoes-1.jpg
    Here’s a chic shoe that vegetarians and environmentalists will just love slipping on. The company who chiseled this one out, Beyond Skin, has for years been making shoes without the use of animal skin. This time around, the company has planned to do a lot more for the environment, by using recycled plastic bottles to conceive faux suede shoes. The shoes called Dinamica use microfiber that have the same look and feel as the real thing. Though, it takes no animal lives into its manufacturing, stays clean of animal cruelty and uses recycled bottles instead! Also, these shoes use no solvents or harsh chemicals while being manufactured. They can also be completely recycled when they near the end of their lives and you decide to toss them out.

    Stepping around in shoes like these will sure help keep the plastic out of landfills, instead wearing it all on your feet and saving the earth of a good 500 years of the time taken to usually degrade plastics.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on February 2, 2011