• Cool Eco Friendly Bus Shelter

  • Ecofriendly School Bus Shelter.jpg
    If you took a look at this bright yellow bus shelter, it would remind you of the yellow school buses which still ply in many cities. Well, the Bus Shelter design hasn’t just been inspired by the school bus and school going memories, the entire Bus Shelter has been made from recycled parts of old school buses literally picked up from scrap yard.

    Old school buses do get decommissioned and they end up in scrap yard and recycling such scrap is a long winding process. There can be no better way than merely salvaging and welding parts of the buses to create a structure like this Bus Shelter which itself looks like a bus. This Bus Shelter has been installed in Atlanta, Georgia and is a true inspirational installation art. Only through art one can one spread the message of recycling and protecting the environment so effectively.
    The true spirit of learning must not end with school days and these Bus Shelters momentarily do take you back to learning days and also teach you a lesson or two in reuse and recycling. Kudos to the sculptor Christopher Fennel for coming up with the awesome design!
    Via – [Inhabitat]