• Convert old tires into classy sink surfaces with RUBBiSH

  • Rubbish-tire-sink-bathroom.jpg
    While passing by the old junk yard, what do you really see when you look at the used and worn out tires? You think junk, but the brilliant minds think other wise. Like those Vancouver saw a soccer field, Minarc see a sink top instead. And not only they make this vision into a usable reality, but they also managed to pick up an R+D Award for it from Architect Magazine. Called as RUBBiSH, this sink is created from recycled rubber tires.

    Created through a process of melting old tires to strip it of particulates and impurities, the rubber is then stretched into a lightweight layer to cover a sub-material for the surface. You can opt of a 1/8 inch sheet of rubber or get a RUBBiSH frame where the rubber sheet is placed between by two aluminum sheets at the edge of the countertop. Click here for details.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on August 27, 2010