• Concept design uses pooch-poop to light up New York parks

  • Street-Lamps-Powered-by-Dog-Poop-1.jpg
    Why connect street lamps to the grid when you could have your pooch power them up instead, with poop! NYU student Melody Kelemu envisions street lamps in parks powered by dog poop and if this concept does turn into a reality, it pretty much could work out to be a great way to keep parks free from doggie-poop while staying lit up at the same time! The neuroscience and environmental studies student’s concept includes the use of methane digesters that use anaerobic bacteria to digest the poop, creating methane. Also, if you’re one to worry of doggie-poop smell, Melody has made sure her digester tank designs are hermetically sealed! A perfect way to light up the parks of New York in a green and eco-friendly way, while keeping the sidewalks poop-free, Melody Kelemu’s concept seems to be an efficient, green and practical solution indeed.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on December 26, 2011