• Coffee grounds recycled in to eco-fabric – Sip it and wear it too!

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    And you just sip on to your cup of hot coffee in ignorance! Has it ever dawned upon you that what happens to the waste coffee grounds? A Taiwanese company, Singtex Industrial, has pioneered the technology to weave out a fabric out of it. Called S.Cafe, such an eco-friendly material dries quickly and offers UV protection. But I will wear it for its ability to control odors. Does it mean that we can do away with our not-so-earth-friendly body spray cans? The general manager of Singtex also says that one medium cup of coffee can make two T-shirts. So next time you hit for that cup of coffee, you are going to indirectly donate the raw material to shape out two eco T-shirts. Such a coffee-fabric can be washed without the need of a detergent. What a fashionable way to avoid the coffee grounds from hitting the landfills.

    It is also reported that the fabric does not use any chemicals and is free of any harmful materials commonly found in other yarns generated during production or transportation process. Also, because the process does not require high temperature carbonization, it is energy efficient.

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