• Coca-Cola’s Precious Metal project is world’s largest recycled artwork

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    As I sip Coke to quench my thirst, I do keep an eye on the company for its green footsteps too. Gives me more than one reason to stick to this brand of beverage. Till now the Coca-cola has earned green brownie points for recycling plant, environment friendly PET bottle and wind powered billboard on Time Square. Latest from this company is the world’s biggest recycled artwork to mark Recycle Week in Great Britain. Shaped out of thousands of used aluminum cans, the 50m artwork has been unveiled on top of the chalk cliffs of the Sussex coastline. Christened as Precious Metal, this eco-art work has been inspired by a classic 1949 summer poster from The Coca-Cola Company archives of a swimsuit-clad lady relaxing in the sun. Led by the award-winning Cornish sculptor Robert Bradford, it is intended to motivate consumers to recycle more this summer through reminding them of the inherent value of empty cans and bottles. Roll over for the video…..

    The Precious Metal project is the latest in a series of Coke initiatives to remind consumers of the benefits of recycling soft drink cans and bottles by illustrating that packaging is not just waste, but can have a second life through recycling.
    Thanks Paul Valentine

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