• Clothing Extruder, the clothing recycling machine

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    Bored of that fading old t-shirt of yours? Planning on a new wardrobe? An entry at the Electrolux 2010 Design Competition could be the solution of your problems, a machine that recycles your old clothes for new ones! Designer Liz McCarter came up with the Clothing Extruder, wherein you can recycle all your clothes, without the need to wash, dry, or store. Using a special fabric, a user can design into any type of clothing he or she wishes to use. The clothing is inserted into a slot in the machine after use. It is then recycled back into the original base fabric, all ready to be designed into something new. Alright maybe this sounds amazing at first. On a second thought, this certainly would leave clothing retail stores dry, and the whole concept of “Let’s shop!” wasted. It seems pretty unrealistic too.

    Though it certainly would help preserve energy, water, fabric and money, just the thought of using the same fabric everyday, for years on end makes us flinch.

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