• Christmas tree made out of recycled bottles in Israel

  • recycled-bottles-christmas-tree.jpg
    The Christmas season is here, and everyone’s busy with their yearly shopping sprees as the world embraces the spirit of Christmas. An integral part of the Christmas season is the Yule Tree or the Christmas tree as we know it. We’ve come across some really green ones before, made out of recycled stuff and powering up using renewable energy like the solar powered tree in Albay, the Japanese tree powered by electric eels, and the Tree-Cycle made from recycled bicycles. To add up to these seriously green Christmas trees is this one by Israeli industrial designer Hadas Itzcovitch and her father, artist Ernest Itzcovitch made from 5480 recycled bottles on display at Haifa, northern Israel.

    Collecting the bottles from every source they could, the duo created this beautiful tree with a hope to spread environmental awareness this Christmas season.

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