• CDs recycled and transformed into a piece of glittering art by Bruce Munro

  • cd_glittering_art.jpg
    We’ve used them before, to share data, watch movies, store music, play games and lots more. We’re talking about CDs. With the onset of DVDs and now Blu-ray disks, the CD seems somewhat outdated, taken that they hold comparatively lesser data than the other two. And like all outdated things, CDs are slowly but surely meeting their death, most of them ending up in the dump. Artist Bruce Munro thought otherwise, using around a million of these data storage devices to create a work of art.

    Around 600,000 disks were sent from countries like Brazil and the state of California too, using Long Knoll Field in Wiltshire as a canvas. A man donated around 40,000 more CDs resulting in a 120 square meter carpet of glittering mirrors cross the 10-acre field. A great way indeed to use old CDs, recycling them into a piece of glittering artwork that would leave moon-dwellers astounded.

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