• Why burn when you can recycle? Tires are now being repurposed globally

  • recycle-tireWhere there is a wheel, there is a way, or in this case, a tire! There was a time when human kind thought of burning tires as the only way to get rid of all the punctured waste. However, with a little bit of innovation and thought, these waste tires can actually be used for several practical purposes! Tiny companies in Kenya have realized the potential in recycling tires and have begun refashioning old tires into sandals that sell for $2 to $5. In the United States, about 35,000 used tires were recycled into $25 flip flops by Detroit Treads and University of Michigan students.

    And that’s not all! In Sweden, folks are grinding up old tires into a powder, mixing it with recycled plastic and creating material and producing parquet-type flooring. In India on the other hand, old tires are being used to create outdoor furniture. Given the fact that about 1.5 billion tires are discarded on annual basis, these initiatives might seem small, but do make a significant impact on the environment!

    [Via – Autoblog]

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: on August 13, 2014