• Breakfast cereals move from boxes to recyclable plastic bags at Sainsbury’s

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    Supermarkets are waking up to the need to sustain our environment along with stocking everything under the sun that promise to make our lives comfortable. Today Sainsbury’s is in news again for a green reason. In the times to come, breakfast table will give way to cereal boxes and bring in plastic bags instead. Now don’t you think that I am nuts to say that plastic is a greener alternative. But haven’t we heard of recyclable plastic? Well the supermarket is bringing an end to the century- old tradition of cereal boxes by packing its own-brand cereals in recyclable plastic bags resembling crisp packets. This will help Sainsbury’s to reduce the packaging by a third.

    Tesco and Kellogg’s are also believed to follow similar eco-friendly packaging changes. The supermarket has already started selling milk in polythene bags to reduce packaging. Such green steps will certainly lead to eco-friendly shopping spree!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on June 22, 2009