• Boeing 747 recycled into a hotel at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport

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    Recycling is the best way to put old scrapped out products to use again, breathing new life into them. And that applies to Boeing 747s too. So, converting an old Boeing 747 into a full fledged hotel seems to be a pretty innovative way to use the grounded jumbo. With its flying days ended, this Singapore Airlines 747-200 at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport will play host to “passengers” who stay in it for a bit longer than a few hours flight. The jumbo has been converted into a 25-room hotel, with its top suite in the cockpit.

    Free runway views, $500 a night room costs, dorm rooms for $52 per night with bunk beds and overhead luggage compartments makes this an ideal holiday resort. The jumbo-hotel created by Oscar Dios stated that 10 Jumbo Stays like these would crop up around the world, made from recycled airplanes, once the Swedish prototype was perfected. Dios came across this scrapped airline abandoned by a bankrupt Swedish airline and refurbished it in a year, turning it into the hotel it is today. Recycling at a whole new level!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on June 3, 2010