• Bicycle path made of recycled printer cartridges at the Simpsons Gap

  • recycled_path.jpg
    You buy a printer. Hook it on to your computer. Print out the stuff you need and empty out the cartridge. Where does the empty cartridge go after you dispose it away? To the e-waste dump at your city’s landfill! So, the Northern Territory Government came up with a way to recycle these cartridges, turning them into bicycle parks! The Simpsons Gap bike path, a popular tourist spot in Central Australia, has been upgraded with the use of recycled printer cartridges by the Northern Territory Government.

    Around $130,000 was spent on the project, with the Territory Government ever willing to lend a hand in pushing forward technology. The path was tested by Environment Minister Karl Hampton, who appreciates the use of recycled plastics in parks, supporting the Territory Government’s environment reforms and initiatives.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on May 27, 2010