• Bathing in recycled crude oil helps reduce joint pains

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    160 miles north-west of Azerbaijan’s capital of Baku, lies the town of Naftalan, a town where the people indulge a pretty out-of-the-box bath to help cure joint pains. Bathing in crude oil has never been given a thought to around the world, simply for the fact that it’s black, murky, sticky and highly carcinogenic. The people of Naftalan think differently though, and people from all over the Soviet Union, Europe and as far as the Emirates throng to the Naftalan Clinic that provides recycled crude oil baths. 35 gallons of recycled crude oil are emptied into a bath at 40 degrees and patients spend 10 minutes in the black oil. The Clinic limits the bath time to 10 minutes as over-exposure of human skin to crude oil can lead to cancer.

    The Naftalan Clinic also states that no patient has suffered any sort of backlashes, and most have been treated, thanks to bathing in recycled crude oil! Not so much of a sticky and slimy byproduct after all!

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