• Art-room waste recycled into pencils at Royal College of Art

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    Art can turn messy and pretty wasteful at times. Art also however, can turn into a great way to recycle old stuff. Now, combining art, the concept of recycling, and doing the environment a huge favor, the From Here for Here project at the Royal College of Art in London will use art-school waste and convert it into pencils. Using bits and scraps of waste thrown out of art-classrooms, the project will machine-make recycled pencils, which will then be given out for free to the students. Besides this, the institute also plans to make a few bucks by selling these recycled pencils, forming a complete closed-loop manufacturing chain! Using thrown-away plastic, resin, wood, and fiberboard combined with flour from the school’s café and water, a paste-like material is ground up, perfect for pencil casings.

    To make the lead, the project has made use of dried-out clay from the ceramics department combined with liquid graphite from the glass department and leftover ink from the printmaking department blended with wax from the jewelry department!

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