• Artist Bruce Munro to light up Ayer’s Rock with the largest Field of Light installation powered by solar energy

  • We’ve featured artist-designer Bruce Munro’s fabulous works before, including a cascading installation made from recycled CDs. The artist, knowing for creating seriously eye-catching installations, will soon unveil his largest ever created, nestled at Ayer’s Rock, Uluru. Called the Field of Lights, this project will power up completely by solar energy in the heart of the desert and will not use grid connections to light up. While the project is currently in its fundraising stages, the field of light will convert Ayer’s Rock into an aesthetic beauty that encourages observers to turn towards greener sources of energy generation, like solar power for instance. Using 3,290 kilometers of optical fiber and 500 LED solar-powered illuminators; Munro and his team expect the work to be completed in six weeks and will show up by May 2013, remaining on display till October 2013.


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on July 2, 2012