• Apple TV recycled into fully functional 1 Nixie Clock by Daniel Kurth

  • a.jpgDesigner Daniel Kurth hates wasting dead electronics. So much, that he transformed his deceased Apple TV into a fully functional clock! Using the recycled body of the Apple TV, Kurth put to use every part of the device into making the 1 Nixie Clock and added a bit more for the final effect, including a nixie controller board. Kurth also cleverly put to use the heavy duty tissue cable, making it both, a power cable as well as wall mount string for the 1 Nixie Clock. Also, this fully functional clock was pieced together completely by hand, and Kurth made sure to have the old Apple TV completely recycled!

    A great way to breathe life back into old downtrodden devices, Daniel Kurth’s creation is an inspiration indeed!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: on August 24, 2011