• Apple Powerbook recycled into wall clock

  • Recycled-Apple-Powerbook-Clock.jpg
    Here’s a to-drool-for recycled clock that’ll leave Apple fns starry eyed for sure. Now we’ve seen a recycled Apple being magically transformed into a wall clock before, with the mouse playing the pendulum. This time though, it’s just the keyboard half of the laptop, the Recycled Apple Powerbook Clock as it’s called. The mouse hanging below is the pendulum once more. Chiseled out from an old 15 minch Apple Powerbook, this clock will work perfect and fit right into your Apple-obsessed lives, helping you keep time.

    For $79, this wall clock sure seems a bit too expensive. It’s unique though, and is an Apple-geek’s dream.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on March 2, 2011