• Airplane recycled and turned into diner at Coventry Airport, the DC6 Diner offers great food

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    For those regularly following this site, planes having their insides scraped out and recycled into homes and hotels isn’t all that new. This however, doesn’t take away the wonder and appreciation we have for those who take up initiatives as such, putting in efforts to recycle those huge chunks of metal and give them new purposes and reasons to live on. The DC6 Diner is the latest airplane-to-restaurant conversion at the Coventry Airport. An aircraft hailing back to the 1950s had its insides pulled out to make way for a full-fledged diner. The plane, an overhauled Douglas DC-6 plane, has been grounded since three years and was thought of to be the best place to be turned into a diner, offering patrons a true onboard eating experience.

    And yes, you certainly can ramble down to the cockpit once you’re done eating and fiddle with the now defunct controls of the plane!
    Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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