• A chair with seats upholstered from Starbucks’ recycled coffee sacks

  • chair-with-seats-upholstered-1.jpg
    Have you ever wondered what Starbucks would do with all the packaging material that gets left behind after all the goods have bee sold? I’m sure you haven’t, but The Formary, a New Zealand-based design company not just wondered but also managed to conceptualized a classy looking pair of chairs upholstered with of wool and recycled Starbucks coffee sacks, which was eventually manufactured by Frappucino purveyor and Camira and Wools of New Zealand. Tagged as WoJo (Wool + Jute), the chairs took 18months in the making.

    The jute wand wool blending was done to keep the Jute fibers from shedding. So amazing was this product that both the Prince Charles’ Campaign for Wool and the Society of British Interior Design have decided to felicitate Starbucks and The Formary with the Sustainable Production Innovation Award!

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on October 14, 2010