• 32-foot transformer robot recycled out of an old junkyard truck

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    Remember Optimus Prime and Bumblebee? Well, Optimus Prime did transform into a full fledged warrior robot from a truck, and so did this piece of art we stumbled upon in China. Now maybe this Transformer robot can’t transform back into a truck or fight the Decepticons, but it sure seems to be a great way to recycle a scrapped truck. Students from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts came up with this 32-foot statue of a Transformer robot, using parts from an old junkyard truck.

    The truck was stripped to its bones and put together into a Transformer robot. The statue ways over four tons and we seriously wouldn’t want to have this one running around. The only parts that haven’t come out of the old truck are the robots head and that frighteningly huge weapon. It costs just $4,470 to build this one out of the scrapped out truck. The next time you see a scrap car in a junkyard, recycle it, pull it into pieces and build a Megatron to fight this one.
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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