• 69 year old Japanese rides wave powered boat from Hawaii to Japan

    Posted in Transport on July 7, 2008

    Some people simply rest on a futile argument; others travel the world to prove a point. A 69-year-old Japanese sailor Ken’ichi Horie has made a 6,400-kilometer (nearly 4,000 mi) journey from Hawaii to Japan in his wave-powered Suntory Mermaid II boat. The Suntory Mermaid II, a 9.5 meter (31 ft) long x 3.5 meter (11 ft) wide, 3-ton vessel made of recycled aluminum, does not use an engine for propulsion. Instead, it relies on a pair of fins under the bow that move up and down as the waves come in, propelling the boat forward.

  • Sharp 26V-inch Low Power Consumption LCD TV can run from a solar module!

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on July 5, 2008

    During the Hokkaido Toyako Summit (July 7-9, 2008), Sharp will exhibit its environmentally conscious products and advanced environmental technologies, specifically, LCD TVs and solar cells and modules. One of the exhibit is the 26V-inch Low Power Consumption LCD TV (Prototype) which approximately uses one-fourth power of a 28-inch CRT TV having nearly the same screen area. Even compared to existing LCD TVs, the low power consuming design uses about one-third the power and has around one-half the annual energy consumption.

    Chevrolet Beat to rock your world at 40mpg

    Posted in Transport on July 5, 2008

    The recent oil price surge has got the automobile manufacturers in a jiffy, GM has almost stopped production of its Hummer brand and is reworking on a new breed of vehicle. GM is thinking hard about bringing this 40mpg car on our roads as soon as possible. Looking slightly like the Daimler AG Smart car, The ‘Beat’ would come in at about 138 inches, 11.5 feet in length it would be longer than the smart and boast a mileage of 40Mpg without using hybrid engines.

    iPhone 3G to get eco wrapping

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on July 4, 2008

    Seems someone from apple read our blog on the 3G iPhone and other products as being harmful to the environment according to Greenpeace. News that the new iPhone 3G will come in packaging made from potato starch. Dutch company PaperFoam, maker of carbon-friendly packaging, is providing millions of paperfoam packages to Apple.

    Hawaii makes solar water heaters mandatory for new city dwellers

    Posted in Alternative Energy on July 4, 2008

    In order to reduce its 90% reliance on imported fossil fuel Hawaii has proposed a new bill that does not allow new housing licenses to single-family homes without solar water heaters installed. Some exceptions will be allowed, such as forested areas where there are low amounts of sunshine. The bill was signed into law by Governor Linda Lingle, a Republican. It requires the energy-saving systems in homes starting in 2010. State Sen. Gary Hooser, vice chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee, first introduced the measure five years ago when he said a barrel of oil cost just $40.

    LCD’s could have a worse impact on environment than coal

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on July 4, 2008

    lcd-tv.jpg According to a recent repost, chemical used to make LCD televisions and semiconductors could cause more global warming than coal-fired power plants. Nitrogen trifluoride is a “missing greenhouse gas,” and is used in chemical vapor deposition, which makes liquid crystal displays, semiconductors, and synthetic diamond. This chemical’s globe-warming effect could be 17,000 times stronger than that of carbon dioxide. What’s alarming is that the production of this chemical can double up to 8,000 metric tons in 2009, however this gas is not among the six gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol international climate change agreement. This year alone, its production would release the equivalent of the global-warming emissions from Austria, totaling some 67 million metric tons. This spells doom, because it amounts to more global-warming pollution than all the industrialized world’s emissions of perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and of sulfur hexafluoride that are considered more intoxicating.

    Ricoh flashes it green on Times Square

    Posted in Alternative Energy on July 4, 2008

    Time Square in the dark is now impossible to imagine, with its Las Vegas like lights flashing with adverts, it makes it an overwhelming sight for the first time tourist. Yes looking at that makes us wonder as to how much power is being consumed and in turn wasted when the street is desolate. Japanese electronics maker Ricoh has decided to do something radical in spirit of the environment. It is erecting a 47 x 126-foot billboard at Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street that will be completely powered by the sun and wind. Fueled by 45 solar panels and four wind turbines, the billboard won’t even need a backup electric generator.

    Fireworks go green this Independence Day

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on July 3, 2008

    This year let’s hope our Independence Day celebrations are more eco friendly than ever. Although the celebratory fireworks are meant to paint the sky with light, they however fill the sky with smoke, lead and mercury since they are always in the mix. Among the toxic culprits being addressed lately, potassium perchlorate is a reliable and inexpensive oxidizer, but it has been connected to cancers and thyroid problems. The technologies behind fireworks have changed little through the ages. Today’s fireworks products may be able to last longer and burn brighter, they essentially contain a form of gun powder used in wars fought in China some 800 years ago. Strontium and lithium may be used for red, barium and copper lead for green, and sodium glows golden. Calcium deepens colors. Zinc makes smoke clouds, aluminum sparkles, and antimony adds glitter. Scientists in Germany and at Los Alamos National Laboratory have explored reducing perchlorate, smoke, and carbon by using substances rich in nitrogen. Los Alamos researchers responded to complaints some 10 years ago from Anaheim, Calif., residents about pollution from fireworks shows every night at Disneyland. The theme park in 2004 announced it was adopting safer air cannons that use compressed air instead of a chemical propellant, eliminating black smoke.

    Eco Friendly train that never makes a stop

    Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2008

    Green Train.jpg
    A Taiwanese inventor has come up with a very Eco Friendly Train system that reduces its environmental impact and increases its efficiency. The idea consists of a “train” racing through a station, at its top velocity of 85 kilometers per hour speed, it rarely averages and if so then it’s somewhere at 35kmph. But instead of a well timed leap or the use of specially trained train pushers, passengers will only need to enter a “boarding” car, which is put in motion ahead of the train’s arrival. After the rear of the traveling train catches up, the boarding car attaches itself to the rest of the boarding cars.

    Taurus Electro – The Electric Airplane is here

    Posted in Transport on June 30, 2008

    Flying may soon become an everyday thing to do if the plans of CAFE Foundation take shape. CAFE is a nonprofit aiming to advance personal air travel, CAFE stands for Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency. The Electric Aircraft Symposium held in April in San Francisco was host to a crowd of several dozen engineers, venture capitalists, and members of clean-tech companies who plotted the potential of Electric flight. A Slovenian company called Pipistrel highlighted its newest model The Taurus Electro which can climb to 6,000 feet after taking off on a 30-kilowatt motor. Recharging the glider’s lithium-polymer battery is meant to take about as long as powering a cell phone. Depending upon the weather and skills of the pilot, the glider can travel 1,000 miles in a day. Pipistrel’s customers include Formula One driver Pedro de la Rosa. But even Google co-founder Larry Page, who attended the forum, might have to wait to purchase the electric Taurus if he were interested.