• This giant water drop is solar powered and offers cool water where it is scant

    Posted in Alternative Energy on September 2, 2015

    Solar-powered handheld WaterDrop 1
    There is a fear that the not-so-distant future may be waterless. This acute shortage may have inspired something in the design of the WaterDrop, a conceptual solar-powered drop. The idea has been conceptualized by Ap Verheggen. The WaterDrop employs condensation to create water out of air by leveraging sunlight, which is commonplace in most ‘warm’ regions. “If temperatures rise, the air contains more water,” Ap said. “Normally, higher temperatures also mean more sunshine. So, why not focus on harvesting water out of the air, powered only by renewable solar energy? In this way drinking water and water for agriculture become available in most dry parts of the planet.”

  • Drone discovers man chilling on the top of a 200-foot tall wind turbine

    Posted in Alternative Energy on September 1, 2015

    Drone 200-foot tall wind turbine
    Some folks love being left alone. Wait a minute. It isn’t some. In fact that vast majority of this planet could do with some solitary peace and quiet. It’s the places we seek this refuge that differs. For instance, when Kevin Miller sent his drone soaring up a wind turbine, the last thing he expected to find was one search peace-seeker dozing comfortably on the top of it. But that’s what luck had in store for him. The video has surely hit the viral wave and now we’re wondering how often the man did this and how did he get up there (that’s something most of us want to know).

    GinzVelo human-electric hybrid can reach 100 miles on a single charge

    Posted in Transport on September 1, 2015

    GinzVelo human-electric hybrid 1
    Hybrids are arriving in drones and we’re happy that they’re getting more efficient and stylish. The pinnacle of this inflow is the GinzVelo human-electric hybrid vehicle. Built to accommodate one person, the vehicle is powered by a 500 W electric engine that is capable of supercharging your pedal power to an impressive 30 miles per hour! And that’s not all. A single charge can take the GinzVelo to a distance of 100 miles. With performance comes great style. The outer shell is a protective one that shields the occupants from weather conditions. The three-wheeled vehicle comes with headlights, turn signals and brake lights.

    Campaign Furniture by former Apple employees takes the sustainable route

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 31, 2015

    Campaign Furniture by former Apple 1
    Brad Sewell and Raul Molina are former Apple engineers who have started Campaign, a green furniture line based out of San Francisco Bay Area. Their first offerings include a loveseat, a chair and a couch. Their effort is to create furniture that is good to look at while being sustainable. All of this, made available through an affordable pricing. The company’s vertically-integrated manufacturing process reduces waste. Even the parts used are sturdy, durable and eco-friendly. Being ultra-durable the furniture can be shipped using regular parcel post. Brad Sewell and Raul Molina are the brains behind this initiative that may aspire for IKEA-level dreams.

    H&M allocates a million Euros to recycle clothing

    Posted in Recycle on August 27, 2015

    H&M recycle clothing
    Fashion brand Hennes & Mauritz, more popularly known as H&M, may be the world’s second largest garment manufacturer but they’re soon to make a name for themselves among the eco-friendly. The brand is promoting recycling of garments after critics pointed out that the damage being caused by a throwaway culture has been the key influencer in rising clothing sales. The Swedish giant is now launching a line of jeans that contain recycled cotton, in the coming week. The company is also allocating a million Euros as prize money for those who come up with innovative means to innovate and recycle clothing. “No company, fast-fashion or not, can continue exactly like today,” said CEO, Karl-Johan Persson. “The largest potential (of this endeavor) lies with finding new technology that means we can recycle the fibres with unchanged quality.”

    Mexico City’s busiest street receives a landscaping overhaul

    Posted in Architecture on August 26, 2015

    Mexico City busiest street 1
    What better replacement for a traffic-congested than a serene park with fountains and walkways? Mexico City will soon see the construction of an elevated promenade about the bustling 10-lane road that runs west to east, connecting Chapultepec Park to the city center. The elevation is said to be a treat for pedestrians by offering a beautifully constructed walking path, cafes and even fountains, all flanked by flora of every sort. The path will be named Cultural Corridor Chapultepec and it will give the 16th century street to some beautiful landscaping. Pedestrians can enjoy a walk without bring surrounded by traffic and pollution. Being elevated may even reduce the sound levels.

    Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller protects your child from air pollution

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on August 22, 2015

    Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller 1
    Taking your kid for a stroll would not necessarily be something you would really be stoked about. Not with the global pollution levels reaching new highs. The Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller is something that resolves the problem of polluted air reaching your child. The idea is fairly simple and inspired by a car that recirculates the air within the chamber rather than outside. This is made possible with a special-designed filter that keeps the air void of any impurity or grime that may be harmful for your baby to breathe in. The glass lid also doubles up as a UV ray shield. A speaker within the chamber enables parents to communicate with their child via a speaker. It also comes with a muting feature.

    Aston Martin to take on the Tesla Model S with 800 ponies

    Posted in Transport on August 21, 2015

    The Tesla Model S has by itself created a category of highly efficient electric vehicles. Among those who have stacked up their offerings to rival Tesla’s claim are the good folk from Aston Martin. The Rapide sedan will soon see an electric version of itself with an impressive 800 horsepower engine, which seemingly overtakes the Model S’ 763 horsepower counterpart. What’s more is that the electric Rapide will offer a drive range of 200 miles, making it a practical and competitive offering in the electric car market. What we project is a car that will be more powerful than the Tesla S and also one that scores better on the luxury scoreboard.

    India’s Cochin International Airport becomes world’s first solar-powered airstrip

    Posted in Transport on August 21, 2015

    India Cochin International Airport solar-powered airstrip 1
    Cochin International Airport in southern India has just become the world’s first airport to be completely powered by solar energy. The airport was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of the state and houses a 12 MWp solar plant. The government has invested 45 acres of land near the cargo complex to install 46,150 solar panels, which will empower the airport with 50,000 to 60,000 units of electricity per day. As per our source, ‘a total of 400 polycrystalline modules of 250Wp with five numbers of 20kW capacity ‘Refu-sol make string inverters’ were used in this plant. It is a grid connected system without any battery storage’. The plants are equipped with a SCADA remote monitoring system.

    Top Industries that are Going Green

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on August 20, 2015

    Industries that are Going Green 1
    The “Going Green” initiative has been in existence for quite some time now, and it is finally starting to spark the interest of top industries. Big businesses are starting to consider the environment in their actions and taking necessary steps to curb their footprint. This long overdue consideration for the environment will go a long way in creating a sustainable future and making the world a cleaner place to live. Below are the top industries that are going Green.