• Elgato Eve Energy guilts you by sharing your energy usage stats

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on February 19, 2016

    There’s nothing better to convince you to conserve energy than a monitor that keeps updating you with your usage stats. Elgato has introduced the Eve Energy, a device that plugs into your wall and connects with your smart device. The HomeKit-compatible device can be controlled with the accompanying Elgato app or via Siri. It updates you on the amount of energy consumed by the device that is plugged into it making you aware of which devices are the biggest energy hogs in your home. It consumes close to no energy itself. “Eve Energy was carefully designed to make your home smarter, not more complicated,” said Elgato’s CEO, Markus Fest in a press release. “It is ready to use out of the box in seconds and consumes virtually no energy itself. Eve Energy is the most elegant way to control and monitor your electrical devices.”

  • Startup Faraday Future joins Aston Martin to take on Tesla in E-car market

    Posted in Transport on February 18, 2016

    Faraday Future is a startup that is gradually turning heads with its promise of a future filled with some rather rad electric cars. Based out of California, the company has taken its next big leap by partnering with Aston Martin to collaborate on electric vehicles. These two in partnership with Chinese technology company, LeEco is in the works to create the Aston Martin RapidE concept. The deal goes on to ensure that the startup will be pairing up with the car-giants for a range of connected electric vehicles in the future. Faraday Future shot into the limelight with the announcement of their first concept car, the FFZerol at CES last month. The car was characterized by the Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) employed in the design of the car, which could be described as a modular platform. This gives designers the freedom to adjust the length of the rails and other structures to alter the design and of the car.

    Tesla’s Model 3 will be the most affordable electric car yet

    Posted in Transport on February 15, 2016

    The Tesla Model 3 is already at the hilt of everyone’s excitement with the promise of an incredible drive range of over 200 miles. Now couple this with the fact that the car will also be one of the cheapest electric offerings in the market. What’s surprising is that this doesn’t mean a compromise on the design of the car. It’s great to look at and offers a performance that could be the envy of every electric car around. The Model 3 is expected to be released late in 2017 and it will arrive for a price of just $35,000 or something very close to this figure. There’s another report that states that the car will come with ‘’relatively highly optioned versions of the car”.

    World’s largest solar power plant goes live in Morocco, serves 1.1 mn people

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 11, 2016

    Behold, the largest solar power plant in the world is here and it’s functional. Cutting down carbon emissions of 760,000 in a year, the $9 billion Noor Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant paves the way for clean energy in the European market. Built with funds from the World Bank, the plant is located in Morocco’s Souss-Massa-Draa area. Other than the ecological benefits, the plant has also created 1,600 jobs during construction and will continue to create 200 jobs during the operation phase. This giant plant will increase the installed capacity of solar power stations from 22 MW in 2013 to 522 MW in 2018. Thanks to the plant’s capability of storing energy in the form of heated molten salt, energy production will be on even after sunset.

    London’s on-demand valet service now offer to charge your EV before parking

    Posted in Transport on February 11, 2016

    Electric Vehicles (EVs) are soon going to be flooding our streets and alleyways. London’s on-demand valet parking service, Vallie, has acknowledged this fact and is set to enhance the experience for EV owners. On invoking the app, a pre-checked driver will show up on a kick scooter to take your car to one of the company’s parking facilities. Nothing new there. However, from now on, you can also leverage additional services which includes MOT check, electric charging for your EV, petrol refills for gas-powered cars and car washes as well. That’s a lot of things to look forward to from a valet service. It’s like getting everything done for your car when you have no need for it.

    The Propella Electric Bike propels you to 28 miles away on a single charge

    Posted in Transport on February 9, 2016

    Electric bikes with range and speed are cannot be accommodated by everyone’s buying budget. This just why the Propella Electric Bike manages to position itself as not only a capable but also affordable option. The lightweight bike is seeking funding on Indiegogo but once it rolls onto the supply chain and ultimately on the streets it will impress with a modest top speed of 20 mph and a range of 28 miles. It will weigh a mere 36 pounds. The bike will be powered by a Samsung Lithium-ion battery that pumps enough power to go uphill.

    ThermalTech jacket leverages solar power to warm athletes in extreme climate

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 8, 2016

    Indulging in sports and fitness activities in cold climates pose a unique challenge. Athletes and participants are generally compelled to put on layers of clothing that weigh them down, thus hampering performance. That’s where something as innovative as the ThermalTech line of jackets could come in handy. This light-weighted heating solution will ensure that layers of jackets, pullover and covers aren’t needed to keep the active warm and well protected from the cold. The jackets harness UV rays from the sun and the energy from artificial light sources to create heat. They are so effective that in just a couple of a minutes, the wearer will experience a temperature increase of about 18 degrees Fahrenheit. The websites states that “The stainless steel mesh fabric threads are strong yet lightweight, lending to extended lifetime use while reducing the weight that additional heat-storing materials bring to most outerwear.”

    Kyocera set to create world’s biggest floating solar farm in Japan

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 8, 2016

    What happens when you do not have enough land to lay out solar panels? You construct them on water. That’s the idea for places that are always short of open land for panels. The project by Kyocera will see about 5,000 homes being powered up by solar panels. The idea was expressed a year ago, however, construction of the floating solar farm commenced only recently. The farm will be situated on a reservoir at Japan’s Chiba prefecture which is at the Southeast of Tokyo. Kyocera plans to construct 50,000 solar panels that will dish out 13.7 MW power making this the biggest floating solar farm in the country. There is a chance that the farm will also be the world’s biggest floating power generator.

    This LED lamp is powered by a lit candle

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on January 28, 2016

    Who would’ve thought that tea light candles would go on to power LED bulbs. Well, in the light of this epic discovery we marvel at the existence of an LED lamp that doesn’t have a cord or battery pack to illuminate. A single candle can set the lamp aglow for four hours. It leverages the thermoelectric Seebeck effect that generates electricity from the heat generated by the candle. The miracle is the fact that a 1 lumen candle can put out light of 15 lumens via the LED, which means it is brighter, greener and in some cases even cost effective. It’s called the Lumir C lamp seems to be the future of green lighting. It offers amplified lighting for a regular candle, something that could be considered to be very eco-friendly given that beeswax candles are eco-friendly to start with.

    The 2017 BMW i3 will increase driving range to 120 miles

    Posted in Transport on January 21, 2016

    The BMW i3 has been an EV heartthrob for a while now. However, with the 2017 BMW i3 we can expect it to be the next benchmark in EV technology. The car is expected to boost the current 81-mile range to go up to an incredible 120 miles. Thanks to the upgraded lithium-ion battery, this improvement is now possible. This can be considered to be confirmation to rumors from last year that hinted that there will be a range increase on account of a better battery and new software. There’s word that the company will also offer improvements on the i3 REx range-extended model. Owners will not be able to upgrade their vehicles for better range and usability.