• X-Runner portable toilets that turn your poop into energy

  • And then there are those times when we need to heed natures call, and a decent place to do so isn’t really in sight. So, we could probably use the Poosh, or maybe even the X-Runner by designer Noa Lerner. If you still haven’t realized what we’re talking about, get a hold of this… a mobile toilet! No running water? No problem! All you need is this barrel like contraption, into which you do your business and the trade it all in for some energy, which could be anything from cooking gas, warm showers or electricity. The barrel is nano-coated and can be used for an entire week without you needing to empty it. And no, a weeks poop isn’t going to stink like there’s no tomorrow.

    Targeted for the Indian Subcontinent, this poop-to-energy method seems pretty logical in areas where setting up a Biogas Plant isn’t really difficult and toilets are as rare as rain in a desert.

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