• Xeros develops a washing machine that uses cleaning beads instead of water

  • Bill Westwater, CEO at Xeros washing machinesWashing machines aren’t the most eco-friendly way of getting a load of laundry cleaned, given the fact that most of these, particularly the older models, use and waste a substantial amount of water. Keeping water-conservation in mind, Sheffield-based Xeros has come up with an innovative solution to washing clothes in an eco-friendly way! The company has developed a washing system that uses thousands of tiny nylon beads to clean clothes, in turn cutting down water and electricity requirements tremendously.

    Apart from this, the washing machine system by Xeros also promises to clean clothes better than appliances that use solely water for the process. When the washing process begins, 1.5m beads are swept inside the machine with detergent and water that saturate the dirt and grime on clothes. After every 500 and 1,000 washes, the beads used in the machine need to be changed since they eventually discolor. Testing proved this system to be capable enough to cut water usage by a whopping 80%! We’d like to see a more home-friendly version of these machines showing up in stores soon!

    [Via – The-Guardian]

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