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    The United Nations kick started this year’s World Environment Day by urging the world to kick an all-consuming addiction to carbon dioxide and said everyone must take steps to fight climate change. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said global warming was becoming the defining issue of the era and will hurt rich and poor alike. World Environment Day, conceived in 1972, is the United Nations’ principal day to mark global green issues and aims to give a human face to environmental problems and solutions. Global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels are rising quickly and scientists say the world faces rising seas, melting glaciers and more intense storms, droughts and floods as the planet warms.

    New Zealand, which boasts snow-capped mountains, pristine fjords and isolated beaches used as the backdrop for the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy, has pledged to become carbon-neutral.
    Many Asian cities, such as Bangalore and Mumbai, plan tree-planting campaigns, while the Indian town of Pune will open a “Temple of Environment” to help spread green awareness.
    North Korean state media said the government was doing its bit for the environment, including updating existing thermal power plants, increasing hydro-power generating capacity, creating more forests and using more organic fertilizers. The country’s carbon output is already fairly small because it cannot afford large quantities of oil and relies heavily on hydro plants for power.
    The U.N. Environment Program said the cost of greening of the world’s economy would cost as little as a few tenths of global GDP annually over 30 years and would be a driving force for innovation, new businesses and employment.

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