• Water-soluble biodegradable wedding dresses for green brides

  • Dissolvable-wedding-dress.jpg
    Handing down bridal dresses to your successors will be something of the past. Your grandchildren will not have to suffer wearing your old out-of-fashion bridal gown, for traditions sake. Thanks to the water dissolving bridal dresses being developed by British researchers. Brides world over have faced the dilemma of disposing of their dresses. In some families, these are handed down to keep family traditions. Well, all you need to do now is simply soak the dress in water after your honeymoon and, Poof! There goes the dress! Using a biodegradable substance, polyvinyl alcohol knitted in its fabric, these dresses dissolve quickly in water without environmental harm.

    Make sure you keep an umbrella handy on your wedding day though. It wouldn’t be pleasant having the bride soaked in the rain.

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