• Water conserving faucet 1l Limit stops water wastage at wash basins

  • 1l_limit_faucet.jpg
    We all wash our hands. Its hygiene and is necessary. But while doing so, most of us, we wouldn’t say all, do tend to waste a few precious liters of water, unnecessarily. Here’s a faucet that makes sure you use just the required amount of water to wash your hands, without allowing those precious liters flow down the drain. The water conserving faucet uses a test-tube shaped tube that sits atop. The tube stores an exact liter of water. Opening the faucet let’s out the water from the tube. Switching it off allows for the tube to fill up with water again for your next wash. Known as the 1l Limit, this faucet was designed by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh. It sure could work at public wash basins, especially those that do not make use of the optical sensor switches that turn them on and off automatically.

    A unique and highly practical way to conserve those precious liters of water, the 1l Limit faucet is indeed a fantastically green design.

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