• Walt Disney’s eco-friendly movie to be premiered in an eco-friendly Pavilion

  • eco-friendly_Pavilion_1.jpg
    A green dome to house the premier of a green cartoon! Since kids love to watch cartoon and learn a lot in process, Walt Disney has come up with an eco-friendly cartoon, Trilli. And to complement the premier of this movie, Milan based designer Riccardo Giovanetti recently designed the Plasticamente Pavilion. It will accommodate the exhibition dedicated to children to explore the qualities of the plastic its potential for recycling. The form of the structure resembles the molecular structures of polymers literally. It is made of white plastic discs connected like the molecules. The Pavilion’s exterior develops into a rich variety of interior point of views that maximize the potential to reuse and rethink space due to the innate flexibility of its plan. While the interior space is designed as a covered zone for the visitors to rest in and live the film experience. Roll over for many more images……

    Commissioned by IPPR, the Italian Institute of Plastic Recycled, it is scheduled this eco structure is scheduled to travel across different cities during next months to raise the awareness of recycling for plastic.