• Foldable pavilion created to showcase the electric-hybrid Volvo V60 sports solar panels

  • volvo-pure-tension-pavilion-1
    The jolly folks at Volvo have managed to stun the world with some jaw-dropping innovations quite often before and has done so again with this fantastic pavilion we spotted recently. Created by Los Angeles-based Synthesis Design + Architecture, this tensile pavilion sports solar panels and is foldable too! Once deployed, the pavilion’s solar panels soak in energy from the sun and use this to charge the car beneath, in this case being the new electric hybrid Volvo V60. The pavilion can then be folded completely and fitted inside trunk of the car!

    The pavilion was specially created to showcase the V60 on its tour across Italy. Synthesis founder and principal, Alvin Huang said, “We wanted to challenge the notion of solar power as something that is an additive piece of engineering infrastructure. The solar panels became a design feature and design driver, rather than something applied after the fact.” 252 flexible photovoltaic panels were attached to the pavilion’s lightweight fabric.





    [Via – Dezeen]

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