• United States sniffs something bad in the air

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    Air pollution isn’t something we can ignore anymore. Did you know that six in ten Americans live in places with dangerous levels of air pollution? That’s around 175 million people in America. Currently, Los Angeles has the worst ozone pollution. Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area of Arizona has the worst year-round particle pollution while Bakersfield, California has the worst short term particle pollution.

    A report based on 2006 to 2008 claimed that cleaner diesel engines and controlled coal-fired power plants has led to a decrease in pollution though around 30 million people still live in highly polluted areas. These pollution levels can lead to diseases like asthma, lung damage and premature death. Fargo, N.D., Wahpeton, N.D., and Lincoln, Neb. are currently the cleanest cities in the United States. You should probably consider moving there for some cleaner air.

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