• UFO disposable eco-friendly plates that will feed man and bird

  • ufo_disposable_plates.jpg
    The most annoying thing about a party is the disposable plates that are strewn all over your front yard. Designer Andrea Ruggiero from New York may have been extremely frustrated with this issue because his invention seems very practical and possible. He displayed the ‘UFO’ (unidentified feeding object) is a mono-use disposable plate ‘indisposed’ – an exhibition which invited designers to address notions of disposability in everyday products. It is made of a unique composite of blended bird seed, potato starch, guar gum, and a seaweed-like binding agent and are highly resistant to wet foods, vinegars and sauces, yet completely biodegradable, non-toxic, and vegan.

    It is designed to be used at picnics, garden parties, beach parties or barbeques and disposed of by launching it into the bushes – exactly like a frisbee. Upon impact, these plates break into smaller pieces and then serve to feed birds, squirrels or rodents. It’s a great idea, lets wait and see if this works on a large scale.

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