• ToyLabs introduces fuel-cell and solar powered toy cars

  • volta-racer
    It’s best to inculcate habits in people when they’re young. Teaching the new generation the cons of fossil fuels and the pros of renewable energy is the need of the hour. What we’ve got here is a fuel cell-powered toy car that teaches kids the awesomeness of having a vehicle this clean. Called the H-ROVER or the H2GO, the toy is light, eco-friendly and is recyclable.

    Apart from this, ToyLabs has also introduced a bunch of solar powered cars that are topped with solar panels. Of all these, the Volta Racer sports a flexible polycrystalline silicon solar panel capable of capturing sunlight from various angles. These toys can be put together in below 15 minutes and are indeed a fun and educational way to keep kids occupied.

    [Via – Gizmag]

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