• Toy car that powers up the Stirling engine with sun

  • stirling_engine_racer.jpg
    Even Batman would go green, with jealousy, looking at this little futuristic car. Well, he probably wouldn’t be able to drive it and do any of his vigilante justice, taken that it’s a toy. Besides just looking awesome and cool, this little toy uses some pretty green energy to charge up. The charging station somewhat reminded us of a NASA dish busy searching the sky for E.T.’s counterparts. Actually, it’s basically an 11-inch parabolic mirror which reflects sunlight onto a Stirling engine where expanding and contracting air forces a piston to move up and down. This powers a small generator which is used to recharge the car’s AAA NiMH battery. For 3 hours of charge, the car can move around for 5 minutes.

    Now we certainly don’t see the point of paying $200 for a toy that charges up for 3 hours and works just 5 minutes. This one’s great on for educational purposes though, or so we hope. Well, what the hell! It looks great!

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