• Top 5 green designs from the “Sustainable Futures” exhibition at the London’s Design Museum

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    Green designs are not only practical and highly applicable; they help save the earth from significant harm too! And that’s exactly what these designers have in mind while coming up whit their respective brainchild. Here are the top five designs from The “Sustainable Futures” exhibition at the London’s Design Museum that we came across and absolutely loved. First up in the exhibition, was the Renzo Piano’s California Academy of Sciences building in San Francisco, with its living roof and solar panels boasting a self-sustainable design.

    Second, a bit smaller, but green design, was Mathieu Lehanneur’s Local River aquarium that grows plants too, a little greenhouse at home.
    For the third place, we had Nicola Enrico Staubli’s Foldschool DIY furniture from cardboard for kids, practical and recyclable.
    The fourth in our list is a Swedish design, Energy AWARE that helps you monitor your home energy consumption and is a visual treat too. And fifth, though not the least were the hand-crafted wooden radios from Indonesia by Singgih S. Kartono.
    Besides these, a lot more designs were on display, which were both green and eye-catching too.

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