• Tokyo’s Sakura Shinmachi Station now plays host to solar powered motor-assisted bicycle stand

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    Tokyo can now proudly flaunt its own solar powered motor-assisted bicycle stand! The newly opened station near Sakura Shinmachi Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line is the second of its type in the locality. The first one opened up sometime ago near Sakura Josui Station on the Keio Line, and with the stand at Kyodo Station on the Odakyu Line, around 100 motor-assisted bikes can now be rented out, all powered by energy from the sun! For 300 yen a day, users can pick up these bikes. To charge them up, the solar cells at the stands use solar power to charge up some large-capacity Li-ion rechargeable batteries. This energy is then transferred to the bikes Li-ion rechargeable batteries when hooked in.

    The stations at Sakura Shinmachi and Sakura Josui are both equipped with 36 solar cells panels each with a power output of 7.56kW. The bikes have a range of about 0km on a full charge. This sure works out better than using gasoline chugging cars, and will help make the Tokyo air a lot cleaner!

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