• ThermalTech jacket leverages solar power to warm athletes in extreme climate

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    Indulging in sports and fitness activities in cold climates pose a unique challenge. Athletes and participants are generally compelled to put on layers of clothing that weigh them down, thus hampering performance. That’s where something as innovative as the ThermalTech line of jackets could come in handy. This light-weighted heating solution will ensure that layers of jackets, pullover and covers aren’t needed to keep the active warm and well protected from the cold. The jackets harness UV rays from the sun and the energy from artificial light sources to create heat. They are so effective that in just a couple of a minutes, the wearer will experience a temperature increase of about 18 degrees Fahrenheit. The websites states that “The stainless steel mesh fabric threads are strong yet lightweight, lending to extended lifetime use while reducing the weight that additional heat-storing materials bring to most outerwear.”

    The technology is patented and will be available for both men and women. The jacket is available in Street, Explorer and Extreme model variants. It is up for funding at Indiegogo.

    [ Via : Psfk ]

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