• The United Kingdom celebrates Mexico with a 25-meter geodesic dome

  • london-geodesic-dome-4The United Kingdom is celebrating the times historic nation of Mexico with the “Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico” event. With the festivities kicking off in the U.K.’s Potters Fields Park around the Tower Bridge of London, a massive 25 meter geodesic dome has been erected. What makes this structure attention-worthy is the fact that it covers a base area of 500 square meters and is packed with cutting-edge technology, in order to give visitors a walk down memory lane.

    The dome takes guests on a tour of Mexico’s 32 states, giving an insight on archeological sites, bustling cities natural zones and world heritage sites. To bring this structure sprout out of the ground, the Mexico Tourism Board teamed up with Freedomes, a geodesic dome manufacturer based in Poland. Projection specialists from LM Productions were also brought onboard to add to the structure’s interactivity.




    [Via – Inhabitat]

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