• The Sprinkned Dress is a dress with real potted plants on it!

  • dress1.jpg
    Italian designer Linda Schailon has designed something no one would have ever thought of before, I’m quite sure. A dress that has integrated planters, real plants! Called the ‘Sprinkle dress’, she thought of the idea courtesy her childhood fantasies of wearing a pretty gown involving “hedges of hawthorn adorned with jewels” and “caressing the grass under the hot sun.” Who would have thought then, this would actually turn into a reality, at least hover closely around being real. The skirt of the dress is drapped by garden-wires that support a host of neat planters that grow real plants in discarded yogurt containers. Now isn’t that an interesting use of waste products! How more blatantly could you show off your green side to the world I wonder?


    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on January 25, 2010