• The rainwater harvesting outdoor table aides in gardening

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    Now rainwater harvesting seems to be a pretty good and green idea. But using a table to do the same seems just as out-worldly as fitting on solar panels and a wind turbine to your picnic table and bench. Simon Davies came up with this idea to design an outdoor table that’s capable of rainwater harvesting. Taken that you’d use this one in your garden, it makes perfect sense, with the table harvesting the rainwater and storing it for later gardening uses. The table is made from mixed polymers and the top surface channels the water. You can detach the table top from the lower tank too. And when needed, the water flows out from a tap at the bottom of the table.

    Nowadays, gardening seems to be just the best way to keep yourself occupied, your home look better and the air around you a bit cleaner. Innovations like these make gardening a lot simpler!

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