• The Navy’s efforts for a greener force

  • Green-Hornet.jpg The Earth Day test flight of the bio-fuel powered F/A-18 Green Hornet was just one of the efforts the Navy has taken up to switch to alternative fuels. According to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, the Navy saw a change in its energy provider in the 1850s when sails were done away to make way for coal. In the early 20th century, coal was pushed away and oil poured into fuel tanks instead. Perhaps its time now to switch to a cleaner, greener and more energy efficient fuel!

    If all goes as planned by Ray Mabus, the Navy will have an aircraft carrier and its support vessels fossil-fueled by 2016. National security is yet another stronger reason, besides environment friendliness, that is having the Navy make these efforts. Maybe we could do away with wars altogether and save the world of a whole lot of energy too!

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