• The Grand Cancun purifies the ocean while functioning as a luxurious platform to people

  • Grand-Cancun-by-Richard-Moreta-Castillo-01To mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of development in Cancun, architect and designer Richard Moreta Castillo has announced a breathtaking offshore platform for 2020. Called the Grand Cancun eco-complex, this offshore platform will pack luxury amenities like underwater dining, shopping facilities and much more. But the sheer size of the project and the luxuries it comes packed with isn’t what makes it attention-worthy. This structure is green too!

    Grand-Cancun-by-Richard-Moreta-Castillo-02The Grand Cancun platform will use solar panels to its advantage extensively. These solar panels will bask in the sun’s heat to produce electricity. Apart from this, the structure will also harvest wind energy with the use of vertical wind turbines. Underwater tidal wave energy collectors will also lend a hand in generating green energy. Complete with a rainwater collection system, a mini desalination plant as well as the capability to purify the ocean, the Grand Cancun is a one-of-a-kind project that does more good to its ecosystem than harm!








    [ Via – Inhabitat]

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