• The Fishy Farm grows fish, worms and vegetables

  • FishFarm.jpgSo, you’ve just freed up a corner of your home and plan to use it for something green with a good aesthetic value. Well, if you’ve been considering growing plants, breeding fish or worms, here’s a great way to fill in that space of yours! The Fishy Farm, a little aquaponic that you can set up at home. Basically, the poop your little fish leave behind and the waste water is used for the plants and to grow the worms. This helps filter the water before it goes back to the fish. And the best part, you could simply slip in some eatable fish and grow some eatable greens and have your own fish and vegetable supply. The worms can be used to feed the fish too, or you could simply use some of those fish food containers off store shelves.

    So quit being all fickle minded about that corner of yours and set up the Fishy Farm, for a ready food supply at home.

    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: on November 10, 2010