• The evian bottle goes green and 100% recyclable

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    Recently, we’ve had a look at PepsiCo’s efforts to go green, opting for bottles made completely from plants that are 100% recyclable. Now, Danone Waters of America, Inc has decided to go green too, redesigning the 1.5L evian bottle in an effort to reduce its environmental impact. The bottle is destined to use 11% less plastic, weighing 3.4g less than the previous design and will be 100% recyclable. This will reduce its carbon footprint by a good 32%. evian® aims to reduce its carbon footprint by up to 40% between the years 2008 and 2011, and this initiative will take a leap closer to achieving its goal.

    It’s a pleasure seeing companies taking green steps to keep the environment from any further harm.
    Saving our planet is sure etched into everyone’s mind.
    Thanks Shobhita

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