• The Dandelion Wearable Windmill lets you generate wind energy on the go

  • Dandelion-Wearable-Windmill.jpg
    If you’ve always dreamt of looking like a little fairy, here’s an environment friendly energy generating way to do so. The Dandelion Wearable Windmill is more than just a set of fans that you can wear. Designed by Mary Huang and Jennifer Kay, this portable windmill is made out of 99% reclaimed materials. Its tiny circuitry converts wind energy harnessed by the blades into light energy which is emitted by tiny white LED lights in the prototype. The energy harnessed can also be used to power up a small device like your cell-phone or an mp3 player.

    Dandelion from Mary Huang on Vimeo.

    Wearable energy generating devices aren’t really the ‘in’ thing today. You don’t really see people walking around with solar panels or a wind turbine strapped on their backs, but taken the urgent need to save energy and find alternative ways to powering up our lives, these devices might find their rightful place soon.

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