• The Cryosat-2 satellite launched to track sea ice in the Arctic

  • Robots aren’t going to be taking over the world anytime soon. For now, they’re busy saving our environment. To join the crew, the Cryosat-2 is now up in space, working tirelessly to help track the volume of sea ice in the Arctic. This new satellite, recently launched into space from Kazakhstan helps gauge the difference between the ice surface and the top of the water.

    Weighing around 720kg and measuring 4.6m X 2.4m X 2.2m, the Cryosat-2 will help scientists with a load of data and probably create a larger awareness about global warming. Technology up in the heavens like the Cryosat-2 help record environment changes in real time, producing data that pinches us every time we forget that our environment is depleting.

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