• Takara Tomy’s remote controlled toy car is powered by soda

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    Remote controlled toy cars are fun to play with, and if you haven’t indulged in this sort of recreation yet, its time you do! You probably must’ve heard of RC cars powered using water and that zip around fast enough like every battery operated one, without indirectly polluting the environment. But RC cars powered by cola? That sure sounds bizarre. Well this technology is not so bizarre anymore with Takara Tomy’s RC doing the rounds now. Powered by what is known as the ‘ene Bio Engine’, the RC can drink up juice, soda or any other sugary drink and function just fine. Now sacrificing your can of soda on an RC car may be a bit difficult on a child’s part, but this will surely help them grow up learning the need to save our environment and use alternative means of energy instead. This cars controls may look outdated and it may seem slow, but the toy is a wonder of science in itself!


    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on January 27, 2010